Plumbum Determination Kit

Beijing Diagreat Biotech recently developed the heavy metal determination kit successfully. The first two kits includes the Cadmium and Plumbum. All of the test kits are based on Time-Resolved Fluorescence Immunochromatographic assay (TRFIA). 


Test ItemTime
20 minutes10-1000 ng/mLRecovery rate 85-115%CV≤15%18 months under 2-30℃
≤10 ng/mL

Intended Use

Pb test kit is used to quantitatively determination of concentration of Pb in human serum and urine. The high concentration of Pb will affect children growth and action. 

Clinical Application

1. Diagnosis of plumbism. Plumbism will cause children nerve and system damaged, with non reversibility. 

2. Important to diagnose the plumbum concentration of growing children.

Applicable Department

1. Pediatric Department

2. Internal medicine Department

3. Clinical Laboratory.