Cadmium Determination Kit

Beijing Diagreat Biotech recently developed the heavy metal determination kit successfully. The first two kits includes the Cadmium and Plumbum. All of the test kits are based on Time-Resolved Fluorescence Immunochromatographic assay (TRFIA). 

Technical information

Test item
Cadmium20 minutes2-200 ng/mLRecovery Rate 85%-115%CV≤15%18 months during 2-30℃≤2 ng/mL

Intended Use

Cd test kit is intended to use to quantitatively determine the concentrations of Cd in human serum and urine. The toxicity of Cd is long-term and affects several systems in human body.

Clinical Application

1. Cadmium is a kind of metal, which is hard to degrade in natural. There is no Cadmium in new born baby. All of the Cadmium in body comes from food and environment

2. Cadmium will be in the kidney and skeletal function. Once the concentration of Cadmium is high, it will cause damage to the kidney function urinary system.

Applicable Department

1. Internal Medicine Department

2. Kidney Department 

3. Skeletal Department