Development Process

October, 2020

Awarded Top 20 High-tech&growth leading company, Golden Class Innovative Leading Company

July, 2020

More than 40 applied patent, including 40 domestic patent and 10 PCT patent.

February, 2020

Complete Round D financing. 

December, 2019

Undertake the important national R&D plan. (No. 2019YFC200209)

March, 2019

Complete Round C financing.

January, 2018.

Complete Round B financing.

January, 2017

Complete Round A financing. 

November, 2016

Awarded Leading innovative Team. 

October, 2015

First generation of biochemical reagents and immunoassay products registered in NMPA.

July, 2013

Beijing Diagreat Biotechnologies Co. Ltd was founded in Beijing. 

July, 2020

Awarded Beijing Professional Leading Manufacturer 

March, 2020

More than 21 products registered in NMPA. 

January, 2020

Founded subsidiary 'Diagreat Biotechnologies (Hunan) Co., Ltd.'

September, 2019

CE certificate approved.

August, 2018

Obtain the qualification of independent import and export operation right.

March, 2017.

Obtain ISO 9001:2208 & ISO 13485:2003 quality management system. 

December, 2016

Complete the wholly-owned acquisition of Beijing Dia-up Co, a raw material company

August, 2016

More than 50 reagents registered in NMPA. 

May, 2014

Obtain manufacturer license of Class II 6840 Test kits.