2023 Russian Health Care Week Conclude Successfully!

2023 Russian Health Care Week Conclude Successfully!

On December 8, 2023, the five-day Russian Health Care Exhibition 2023 came to a successful conclusion.

Russian Health Care Week is the largest, most professional and far-reaching medical professional exhibition in Russia. It has attracted companies from more than 30 countries to participate in the exhibition, displaying the latest medical technology and equipment, and bringing huge development opportunities to the Russian and global medical industry. Diagreat Biotech also gained a lot from going abroad to participate in this exhibition.

Sail overseas to show big country technology

Diagreat Biotech yields unusually brilliant results

Diagreat Biotech achieved a complete success at the 2023 Russian Health Care Exhibition. Looking back at the scene, Diagreat Biotech's rich product lines shined at the exhibition, from advanced medical equipment and diversified solutions to high quality IVD raw materials, each product demonstrates the professional strength and innovative spirit of Diagreat Biotech. These products not only attract local customers in Russia, but also appeal to international customers from different countries and regions. The booth of Diagreat Biotech is crowded with people asking for consultations. There is an endless stream of customers to negotiate with.

2023 Russian Health Care Week Conclude Successfully!

2023 Russian Health Care Week Conclude Successfully!

Diagreat Biotech has long been committed to R&D innovation and has a strong R&D team. At present, Diagreat Biotech's core products have passed the EU CE certification, as well as certifications from Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and other countries, which fully proves Diagreat Biotech's professionalism and leadership in the medical field.

In addition, Diagreat Biotech's marketing network covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world, providing strong support for the company's global market expansion. Diagreat Biotech's products are widely recognized and praised worldwide.

Strengthen global strategic layout


Stay true to the original intention and continue to innovate

The successful conclusion of the 2023 Russian Health Care Exhibition marks another important milestone for Diagreat Biotech in its overseas market expansion. During this year, Diagreat Biotech actively embraced the international stage and participated in many international medical exhibitions such as Medlab Middle East in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, MEDICAL FAIR INDIA in New Delhi, India, and Medica in Dusseldorf, Germany, showing research and development technology achievements of Diagreat Biotech to the world.

At these exhibitions, Diagreat Biotech not only showcased its core technologies and products, but also established a broader international cooperation network through in-depth exchanges and negotiations with experts and scholars from all over the world. These exchanges not only helped Diagreat Biotech gain an in-depth understanding of the needs and trends of the global market, but also brought it more cooperation opportunities and projects.

In the future, Diagreat Biotech will further increase investment in research and development, expand the global market, and work hand in hand with partners from various countries to jointly create a better future. In this era full of opportunities and challenges, Diagreat Biotech will continue to uphold the concepts of openness, innovation and collaboration, actively expand overseas markets, and bring more benefits to patients around the world.

2023 Russian Health Care Week Conclude Successfully!

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