Glycerocholic Acid Assay Kit

Glycerocholic Acid(CG) Determination Reagent(Homogeneous enzyme immunoassay) is an in vitro diagnostic quantitative test kit. CG is a major component of human bile acid, which is composed of cholic acid and glycine, and it’s synthesized in liver cells. The liver plays a physiological role through the enterohepatic circulation. Under normal circumstances, the liver can effectively absorb more than 99% of CG in portal venous blood and re-secrete into bile and the amount entering the systemic circulation is less than 1%. When liver cells are damaged, stem cells’ ability to ingestion of glycine decreases, leading to an increase in blood level. Studies have shown that the content of CG in patients with cirrhosis, acute and chronic hepatitis is significantly higher than that in normal people. CG is one of the sensitive indexes to evaluate the circulatory function of hepatocytes and hepatobiliary substances.