Tacrolimus Determination Kit


Tacrolimus Determination Kit (FK506 Determination Kit) Abbreviation: FK506 


Tacrolimus Determination Kit is an in vitro diagnostic test for quantitative detection of tacrolimus (FK506) in human whole blood specimens. Tacrolimus is a commonly used immunosuppressive drug for the treatment of immune rejection after organ transplantation. The pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus varies widely among individuals in organ transplant patients. The safe concentration range of tacrolimus is narrow, and the differences among individuals are large. Too low blood drug concentration cannot play an effective therapeutic effect, and beyond the effective blood drug concentration may cause serious toxic and side effects, including renal toxicity, neurotoxicity, hypertension, insomnia and nausea, etc. Therefore, the monitoring of tacrolimus blood concentration is of great significance to guide the clinical rational drug use of patients after transplantation.