Progesterone Determination Kit

Product Name: Progesterone Determination Kit (Fluorescence Immunoassay)

Abbreviation:  Prog



The reagents are used for quantitative determination of progesterone in human serum, plasma and whole blood in vitro. They are for professional use only.

Progesterone, also known as progestin, is mainly secreted by the corpus luteum and placenta in the ovary, which can affect women's menstrual cycle, pregnancy and fetal development. The progesterone increase is commonly seen in normal pregnancy, preeclampsia, hydatidiform mole, etc. Too low progesterone is commonly in threatened abortion, ectopic pregnancy, premature delivery, infertility and corpus luteum insufficiency, etc. Generally, fasting is not required during the examination.



Take the sample to the strip, The Prog in the specimen binds to an antibody coated with a fluorescent particle coated on the glass fiber to form a fluorescent particle-antibody-antigen complex. The immune complex is chromatographed along the nitrocellulose membrane to the detection zone (T), which binds to the pre-coated Prog-BSA conjugate and its fluorescence intensity is inversely proportional to the progesterone content of the sample. The anti-IgY fluorescent antibody particles are chromatographed to the quality control zone (C) and bound to the pre-coated chicken IgY.


Fluorescence Immunoassay

Assay Time: 15 min

Sample Volume: 40ul

Sample Type: Serum/Plasma/Whole blood



The strip is stable for 18months (while sealed in an aluminum foil pouch) if stored at 2 ° C - 30 ° C. Do not freeze. After the strip is opened, the test should be performed in 1 hour.

The date of manufacture is detailed in the label.



25 pieces/box


Applicable POCT Analyzer

D-10, D-20, KHF01