Stroke diagnostic tool: S100β detection fast and convenient


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Stroke is the second leading cause of death in the world and the leading cause of death in China. In China, there are more than 2 million new cases of stroke every year [1]. The incidence of stroke shows a trend of gradually getting younger, with people under 35 years old accounting for 9.77% of the total number of strokes [2]. One-quarter of people over the age of 25 worldwide are at risk of stroke, and Chinese people have the highest risk, as high as 39% [3].

Hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, smoking, alcohol consumption, air pollution, low consumption of fruits and vegetables, and high sodium intake are the most common and modifiable risk factors for stroke in China.

The epidemic of stroke has placed a heavy burden on society and families, so prevention efforts must be made based on risk factors.

In addition, there is a golden rescue time of three hours for stroke. For every 1 minute of delay in treatment, 1.9 million neurons and 14 billion synapses will be lost or functionally damaged [4]. For patients with suspected stroke who are sent to the emergency department, timely diagnosis and treatment can save the patient's life as much as possible and avoid serious sequelae.


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Central nervous system specific protein β (S100β) is mainly produced by astrocytes. It forms a disulfide bond through cysteine residues and exists in a large amount in the central nervous system in the active form of a dimer. When a person suffers a stroke, brain trauma, or cardiac surgery, S100β protein leaks out of the cytosol into the cerebrospinal fluid, and then enters the blood through the damaged blood-brain barrier, resulting in an increase in the concentration of S100β protein in the blood.

Figure 1 Astrocytes produce S100β after brain injury [5]

Stroke diagnostic tool: S100β detection fast and convenient

CT is a commonly used imaging diagnosis method for stroke, but its sensitivity for early stroke diagnosis is only about 38%. Although MRI and MR-based imaging technology can improve the sensitivity of early stroke diagnosis, they are expensive and time-consuming. The duration is not suitable for dynamic observation. It is necessary to find biochemical markers with high sensitivity to stroke to improve the detection rate of early acute stroke [6].

After acute stroke, the concentration of S100β protein increases significantly within 8-24 hours. S100β can be used as an effective indicator for clinical evaluation of acute stroke. It is closely related to the degree of brain damage and prognosis and has good stability. The detection of its concentration value can help to assist in the early clinical diagnosis of stroke, assess the degree of brain damage, and guide treatment and judgment. Prognosis, etc. S100β combined with other biochemical tests can help achieve rapid and accurate diagnosis and improve the prognosis of stroke.


and other related diseases

In addition to early diagnosis of acute stroke, S100β can also be used for:

(1) Early diagnosis of traumatic brain injury, determining the extent of the injury and determining the prognosis

(2) Early diagnosis and prognosis of neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE)

(3) Diagnosis of brain damage caused by brain tumors

(4) Auxiliary diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases

(5) Early diagnosis, condition assessment and treatment monitoring of central nervous system infections

(6) Assessment of the progress of depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases

Diagreat Biotech S100β Stroke 

 POCT Rapid Test Solution 

Diagreat Biotech's S100β Determination Kit (Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay) is a rapid test product specially designed for emergency stroke. It only requires 80 μL of serum or plasma sample to achieve rapid, accurate and quantitative detection of S100β in patients with suspected stroke. Test results can be obtained in 20 minutes.

Stroke diagnostic tool: S100β detection fast and convenient

Time is life. In view of the sudden onset, rapid progression, and high disability and mortality rates of stroke, the Diagreat’s S100β test kit can help doctors quickly evaluate and formulate treatment strategies to reduce the death and disability rate of stroke.

Advantages of Diagreat Biotech POCT platform 

(Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay): 

Stroke diagnostic tool: S100β detection fast and convenient

portable instrument,

 fast detection,

 and simple operation

Stroke diagnostic tool: S100β detection fast and convenient

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Stroke diagnostic tool: S100β detection fast and convenient

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