Diagreat newly launches its second-generation 25-OHVD product!

25-Hydroxyvitamin D 25-OHVD

Vitamin D is an essential fat-soluble vitamin. The self-synthesized and food-derived vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 enter the liver through the blood circulation and are converted into 25-OHVD2 and 25-OHVD3 under the action of vitamin D-25-hydroxylase, collectively called 25-OHVD. 25-OHVD is relatively stable and has a high concentration in the human body. It is not affected by blood calcium and parathyroid hormone levels. It can reflect the total amount of vitamin D in food intake and self-synthesis, as well as the conversion ability of vitamin D, therefore, 25-OHVD concentration is recognized as the best indicator to objectively evaluate vitamin D levels.

Diagreat newly launches its second-generation 25-OHVD product!

Diagreat’s second-generation 25-hydroxyvitamin D detection product

Newly launched, faster and simpler

Diagreat has upgraded and optimized the original 25-hydroxyvitamin D immunochromatographic detection technology to specifically solve the problem of "slow, complicated and difficult" vitamin D detection, eliminated the standing time (15min) after mixing the sample and buffer, realized 5 ul sample addition and obtained results in 10 minutes, supporting multiple sample types such as "serum, plasma and capillary blood (earlobe blood, fingertip blood, etc.)", among which 5 ul capillary blood sampling solves the problem of difficult blood collection and small blood collection in newborn and other groups, making the detection simpler.

Diagreat's new generation 25-hydroxyvitamin D detection product has high correlation with a well-known imported brand in testing results, achieving "faster (10 minutes) and simpler (simple sampling)", and is more suitable for POCT testing of women, children, the elderly and other groups.

Comparison of product parameters between the old and new versions: reduced sampling volume and shortened time consumption

Diagreat newly launches its second-generation 25-OHVD product!

Clinical relevance

The second-generation 25-hydroxyvitamin D product has excellent clinical relevance compared with a well-known imported brand, R²=0.9285

Diagreat newly launches its second-generation 25-OHVD product!

Operating procedures

Diagreat newly launches its second-generation 25-OHVD product!

Ordering information

Diagreat newly launches its second-generation 25-OHVD product!


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