DIA-UP RNA synthesis service

After the global outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, mRNA vaccines suddenly became the focus of attention. In that year, the sales of the SARS-CoV-2 virus mRNA vaccine reached more than 50 billion US dollars, which made the world realize the huge therapeutic potential and broad prospects of nucleic acid technology. With the diversified development of delivery technology and RNA drug forms, nucleic acid drugs have ushered in an era of prosperity and development, also known as the third generation of drugs after chemical drugs and antibody drugs. It is estimated that the domestic nucleic acid drug market space in 2034 is about 100.9 billion RMB.


As an important research tool, RNA is widely used in research applications such as gene function analysis and development of new therapeutic strategies. The synthesis method of RNA is similar to that of DNA, but due to its inherent stability, the actual synthesis is more difficult. When chemically synthesizing RNA, the coupling efficiency between bases is low, the product is easily decomposed, the operating environment requirements are high, and the preparation cost is high.


DIA-UP RNA synthesis service

DIA-UP has rich experience in RNA synthesis and complete RNA synthesis and purification technology, and can directly provide customers with high-quality RNA synthesis services or products. Our RNA services mainly include customized RNA synthesis and can complete high-quality and efficient common single/double-stranded RNA synthesis and multi-type specific group RNA modification and labeling according to your specific requirements. The maximum output specification can reach 2500 OD. In addition, DIA-UP also provides stable synthesis of siRNA, miRNA, sgRNA, crRNA and other sequences. The synthesized RNA strictly implements QC testing standards and passes HPLC purity testing to ensure the final delivery of high-quality RNA products to customers.


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Service advantages


1. Multi-type RNA synthesis services, which can be customized in batches and are flexible and diverse.

2. Strict ISO13485 quality control standard, GMP workshop production, and provide you with free HPLC test report.

3. A professional project management team provides you with comprehensive pre-sales consultation, order design, project progress update and after-sales service to ensure the smooth progress of each of your projects.


01 siRNA

siRNA synthesis is the easiest way for the body or cells to achieve gene silencing, with low cost and high transfection efficiency. It is also the best means of RNAi clinical treatment and has irreplaceable advantages in drug development. DIA-UP can provide customers with common chemically synthesized siRNA and can also provide a variety of modified siRNA according to customer needs.



Service types

SiRNA design and synthesis

Modified or labeled siRNA

siRNA screening

Recommended single gene kit



Ordering product

 DIA-UP RNA synthesis serviceDIA-UP RNA synthesis service

DIA-UP RNA synthesis service

DIA-UP RNA synthesis service

DIA-UP RNA synthesis service

02 miRNA


MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous single-stranded RNAs of 18-25nt in eukaryotic organisms, which can regulate the complementary mRNAs at the post-transcriptional level through cleavage or translational repression of the mRNA targetsAccording to the recent studies, miRNA is involved in a variety of regulatory pathways, including development, viral defense, hematopoietic processes, organogenesis, cell proliferation, apoptosis, and fat metabolism. DIA-UP’s advanced synthesis technology can provide customers with miRNA inhibitors, miRNA mimics, miRNA negative controls, Agomir and Antagomir.



Service types

miRNA inhibitors

miRNA mimics


Agomir and Antagomir



Ordering product


DIA-UP RNA synthesis service


03 mRNA


Service types

Design optimization

Translation verification

mRNA synthesis for vaccines

mRNA synthesis for nucleic acid medicine



Ordering product


DIA-UP RNA synthesis service

Fast and efficient kit


Item No.

T7 mRNA Cap-1 Kit


Column miRNA PAGE Gel Extraction Kit


Human Double-Stranded RNA (dsRNA) ELISA Kit


mRNA production raw materials


Item No.



NTPs Mix


RNase inhibitor


Bsmbl (Esp31)




T7 RNA polymerase



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