Seven core advantages of Diagreat gene synthesis service

In recent years, the global synthetic biology market has shown rapid growth. Through gene synthesis, genes that do not exist in nature can be obtained, which opens up a new direction for human beings to transform organisms. In the foreseeable future, gene synthesis will play a huge role in new energy, new materials, artificial life, nucleic acid vaccines, biomedicine and other fields.

Seven core advantages of Diagreat gene synthesis service

Through years of independent research, development and innovation, Diagreat has built an intelligent gene synthesis service platform, which can easily solve the complicated process of obtaining DNA from nature in the past. Provide conventional sequence, large fragment repeat sequence, long and difficult gene synthesis of arbitrary complex structure, PCR cloning, site-directed mutagenesis, vector construction, and codon optimization services for synthetic genes of different species. Provide you with a variety of fast, efficient, and high-quality gene synthesis services to meet the needs of scientific researchers for more efficient, low-cost, and large-scale research on DNA synthesis and assembly at the gene and genome level.

Seven core advantages of Diagreat gene synthesis service

First round of PCR

Second round of PCR

Primer F

Primer R

Diagreat - Gene synthesis service process

Service process

Seven core advantages of Diagreat gene synthesis service

Sequence analysis - fragment splicing – clone – screening - Check the sequencing results - Lyophilized plasmid

Diagreat - Gene synthesis service advantages

Advantage 1

Class 100,000 clean room, ISO 13485:2016, GMP Quality Management System

Seven core advantages of Diagreat gene synthesis service

Advantage 2

Oligonucleotide commercial production process, supporting high-throughput gene synthesis services.

Advantage 3

Unique design can provide conventional sequence, large fragment sequence gene synthesis, synthesis length up to 70-110bp PolyA or PolyT.

Advantage 4

Codon optimization for the expressed species to obtain high-level expression of the gene.

Advantage 5

Seamless cloning can be inserted into any region of the vector, not restricted by restriction Enzyme cutting site.

Advantage 6

Precise synthesis, 100% correct sequence delivery guaranteed.

Advantage 7

1.The on-time delivery rate is 99%, and the fastest delivery timeline is 5 working days.

2.COA documents, sequence alignment file, sequencing map, plasmid structure diagram

3.2-5μg lyophilized plasmid(low copy 1μg), Glycerol bacteria or puncture bacteria 1 tube



Timeline (working days)

Gene synthesis








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Genome synthesis

Inquiry for information

Main application

➽ Gene function research

➽ Tool enzyme gene synthesis

➽ Strain optimization

➽ Positive plasmid synthesis

Vector construction

The construction of gene expression vector is the core of genetic engineering.

Why does your vector construction be failing? How can we solve it stably and efficiently?

Seven core advantages of Diagreat gene synthesis service

The principle of vector construction is often very simple to understand, but the results are not ideal after experimental operation. Sometimes you did it repeatedly but still failed, and two or three months passed without knowing it, which was really distressing. Have you ever experienced a similar problem?

1. No bacteria growth

The failure of vector construction is often not discovered until the bacteria do not grow. The reason for the comprehensive analysis of the failure mainly involves three aspects: culture medium, competence and plasmid recombination.

2. Fragment + Vector ligation failed

There are many reasons for unsuccessful vector ligation, such as low ligase activity, insufficient ligation time, buffer expiration, etc.

3. Unsuccessful digestion

It needs to be considered that the vector digestion is not successful, or the fragment digestion is not successful.

How to easily solve various problems in vector construction and greatly increase the success rate of your vector construction in the shortest period?

Diagreat - Multi-fragment seamless cloning kit

The seamless cloning technology based on the principle of recombination, as a new generation of cloning method, does not rely on cumbersome enzyme digestion and ligation steps, and does not require end filling and other operations. According to the recombination of the DNA fragment and the 15-25nt homologous sequence at the end of the linearized vector, the inserted fragment can be cloned to any site of any linear vector, and the background of vector self-ligation is extremely low. It is a simple, fast and efficient DNA directional cloning technology.

Four Highlights

01 Efficiency 01

Single to multiple DNA fragment recombination can be completed in one reaction.

02 Fast 02

Complete single-fragment recombination in as fast as 5 minutes.

03 High positive rate 03

Higher than 95%.

The cofactors added in Mix can effectively increase the positive rate of clones.

04 Preferable compatibility 04

The optimized reaction system can tolerate impurities contained in unpurified PCR products to a certain extent.

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