Prevention of severe infection - it is very important to detect this indicator!

The severe infection situation is critical,clinical diagnosis and treatment are facing challenges in China

In recent years, although intensive care medicine in our country has made great progress, severe infection is still a common disease that threatens the lives of critically ill patients and is the main reason for the increase in mortality. According to relevant data, the incidence rate of severe infection in the United States is 3‰, 50% are non-ICU inpatients, 25% die in hospital, and the mortality rate of septic shock is as high as 50%. Although our country does not have nationwide epidemiological data, the results of multi-center clinical studies show that the morbidity and mortality rates of severe infections are equal to or even higher than those in the United States.

For patients with severe infection, early diagnosis and rational anti-infection treatment can significantly improve their clinical prognosis. However, due to the influence of their own disease and other potential risk factors, critically ill patients usually have rapid disease progression. And during anti-infective treatment, the distribution, transport, action intensity, clearance rate and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic parameters of the antibacterial drugs in the body will change, thereby changing the blood concentration of the drug at the infection site. Therefore, the selection of the types and doses of conventional antibacterial drugs in clinical practice is not suitable for such patients.

How to achieve early diagnosis of severe infection and rational and precise antibacterial treatment, correctly evaluate the effectiveness of anti-infection treatment and the impact of immune dysfunction on anti-infection treatment, and then improve the clinical outcome of patients with severe infection, is of significant importance.

Prevention of severe infection - it is very important to detect this indicator!

Diagreat innovates the precise diagnosis and treatment solution for severe infection to protect the lives of patients

Diagreat adopts alkaline phosphatase-labeled chemiluminescence technology to innovatively integrate cytokine detection with antibiotic Therapeutic Drug Monitoring to form an exclusive solution for the precise diagnosis and treatment of severe infections. The combination of infection/inflammation diagnosis (IL-6, IL-1β, IL-8, IL-10, TNF-α) with Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of antibacterial drugs (Vancomycin, Voriconazole, Linezolid, etc.) facilitate precise diagnosis and treatment of severe infection. At the same time, Diagreat chemiluminescence immunoassay solution realizes fully automatic high-speed detection of samples in and out, and has the advantages of unattended, full-process quality control, and stable and reliable results. Effectively provide supports to clinical individualized precise diagnosis and treatment, and perfect professional testing services, and protect the lives and health of patients.

Automatic cChemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer, Cost-effective

Prevention of severe infection - it is very important to detect this indicator!

Test speed 


First result time


Reagent location


Sample location

60, disk system for continuous sampling

Calibration type

2-point or 3-point calibration (depending on the program)

Operation interface

Full English operation interface

Sample type

Serum, Plasma, Urine

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