CARBA 5 Rapid Test Kit


CARBA 5 Rapid Test Kit (Latex Immunochromatography Assay) 

Abbreviation: CARBA 5


CARBA 5 Rapid Test Kit is an in vitro diagnostic test for the qualitative detection of KPC, NDM, IMP, VIM, OXA-48 type carbapenemase produced by bacteria derived from human samples after culture. The carbapenemases were mainly KPC and NDM types, and a few strains produced OXA48, IMP and VIM type carbapenemases. KPC-2 type enzyme is the most common subtype of KPC type carbapenemase, NDM-1 and NDM-5 are the most common subtypes of NDM type metalloenzymes carbapenemase, and OXA-181 and OXA-232 type enzymes are the most common subtypes of the OXA-48 type carbapenemase. It is clinically used to identify the resistance of patients to carbapenem antibiotics. Carbapenem antibiotics are one of the most effective drugs to control clinical pathogenic bacterial infections. Carbapenemase-producing organisms (CPO) and carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae have become a global public health issue because of their broad-spectrum drug resistance, patients have very limited treatment options. Since different types of antibacterial drugs have different in vitro antibacterial activities against different carbapenemase-producing strains, accurate and rapid detection and typing of carbapenemases produced by CRE is helpful and of great value for precise drug use in clinical anti-infection treatment and hospitals infection prevention.