TDM Supports Action of “Containing Microbial Resistance”!

TDM Supports Action of “Containing Microbial Resistance”!

After multiple contacts between microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites and antimicrobial drugs, their sensitivity to the drugs decreases or even disappears, resulting in the drug's efficacy against the microorganisms being reduced or ineffective, that is, antimicrobial drug resistance occurs. The spread of antimicrobial resistance will make it increasingly difficult to treat infectious diseases, prolong hospital stays, become more expensive, or even impossible to treat!

Data shows that in 2022, about 1.3 million deaths around the world will be related to antibiotic resistance. If the problem of antibiotic resistance still cannot be effectively solved, it is estimated that 10 million people around the world will die from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections every year in 2050, causing the direct economic losses will exceed 10 trillion US dollars.

In 2022, the Department of Medical Administration issued a notice on the National Action Plan to Contain Microbial Resistance (2022-2025). The notice points out that the development of rapid diagnostic equipment and reagents for drug-resistant bacterial infections is encouraged, and the development of cheap and easy-to-promote drug concentration monitoring technology is supported.

Diagreat Biotech has always been committed to individualized medication services for patients and adheres to innovative drug concentration monitoring series. Based on the new SDC directional coupling technology, it improves the stability of chemiluminescent immunoassay and ensures that the detection results are accurate and stable. Among the TDM series of antibacterial drugs, voriconazole, linezolid, gentamicin, and vancomycin have been successfully launched, and meropenem, teicoplanin, and polymyxin B will be launched soon. Blood drug concentration monitoring is an important efficacy and safety evaluation index in patients' individualized treatment. Realizing antibacterial drug TDM monitoring can provide patients with blood drug concentration evidence, which will play a positive and important role in adjusting the dosage of individualized treatment plans, reducing the incidence of adverse reactions, and containing microbial resistance.

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TDM Supports Action of “Containing Microbial Resistance”!

Antimicrobials TDM Guidelines Consensus Consensus Recommendations

"Evidence-based Guideline for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Vancomycin2020 Updated"

Chinese Expert Consensus on the Clinical Application of Vancomycin (2011 Edition)"

"Clinical Application Manual of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring"

"Practice Guideline for Individualized Medication of Voriconazole"

TDM Supports Action of “Containing Microbial Resistance”!TDM Supports Action of “Containing Microbial Resistance”!

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