ItemsProduct nameTypeRecommended use
ChotyglycineMatched raw materialsRabbit polyclonalHEIA
Matched raw materialsMurine monoclonalLTIA
Matched raw materialsCG-Murine monoclonalCLIA
Cystatin CCysC Murine monoclonal antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
CysC Rabbit monoclonal antibodyRabbit monoclonalCLIA, FIA
Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated LipocalinNGAL Murine monoclonal antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
NGAL Rabbit monoclonal antibodyRabbit monoclonalCLIA, FIA
Retinol-Binding ProteinRBP  polyclonal antibodyAntibodyLTIA
InsulinINS Cap antibodyAntibodyCLIA
INS Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA
C-peptideCP Cap antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
CP Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
ProgesteroneProg antibodySheep antibodyCLIA, FIA
TestosteroneTeso antibodySheep antibodyCLIA, FIA
Follicle Stimulating HormoneFSH Cap antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
FSH Det antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
ProlactinPRL Cap antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
PRL Det antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
Luteinizing HormoneLH Cap antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
LH Det antibodyRabbit polyclonalCLIA, FIA
Human Chorionic Gonadotropintβ-HCG-Cap antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
tβ-HCG-Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
Anti Mullerian HormoneAMH Cap antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
AMH Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
EstroneE1 sheep polyclonal antibodyAntibodyCLIA
Estradiol E2 sheep antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
MyoglobinMYO Cap antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
MYO Det antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
MYO polyclonal antibodyAntibodyLFA
Creatine Kinase Isoenzymes MBCKMB Cap antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
CKMB Det antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
N-Terminal Pro Brain Natriuretic PeptideNT-proBNP Det antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
NT-proBNP Cap antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
NT-proBNP Det antibody 02Murine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
NT-proBNP Cap antibody 02Murine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
Cardiac Troponin cTnT Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
cTnT Cap 02 antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
cTnT Cap 03 antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
cTnI antibody 01AntibodyTwo-based pairing or more complex pairing formulation
cTnI antibody 02Antibody
cTnI antibody 03Antibody
cTnI Humanized antibody 03Antibody
cTnI antibody 04Antibody
cTnI antibody 05Antibody
cTnI antibody 06Antibody
Brain Natriuretic PeptideBNP antibody 01AntibodyCLIA, FIA
BNP antibody 02AntibodyCLIA, FIA
D-DimerD-Dimer Cap antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
D-Dimer Det antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
Heart-Fatty Acid Binding ProteinH-FABP monoclonal antibodyAntibody/
ProcalcitoninPCT Cap antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
PCT Det antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
C-Reactive ProteinCRP Cap antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
CRP Det antibodyMurine monoclonalCLIA, FIA
Interleukin-6IL-6 Det antibody 1Murine monoclonalFIA
IL-6 Cap antibody 2Murine monoclonalFIA
IL-6 Det antibody 3Murine monoclonalCLIA
IL-6 Cap antibody 4Murine monoclonalCLIA
Cancer antigen 125CA125 Cap antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
CA125 Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
FerritinFerr Cap antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
Ferr Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
Pepsinogen IPGI Cap antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
PGI Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
Pepsinogen IIPGII Cap antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
PGII Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
The Lens Culinaris Agglutinin-bound Fraction of Alpha-FetoproteinAFP antibodyAntibodyAntibody pairing
The Lens Culinaris Agglutinin-bound Fraction of Alpha-FetoproteinAFP-L3 antibody 01Antibody
The Lens Culinaris Agglutinin-bound Fraction of Alpha-FetoproteinAFP-L3 antibody 02Antibody
Protein induced by vitamin K absence-II PIVKA-II Cap antibody 01AntibodyCLIA, FIA
Protein induced by vitamin K absence-II PIVKA-II Cap antibody 02AntibodyCLIA, FIA
Protein induced by vitamin K absence-II PIVKA-II Det antibody AntibodyCLIA, FIA

PSA Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
Thyroid Stimulating HormoneTSH Cap antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
TSH Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
TSH Det 02 antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
TriiodothyronineT3 Sheep antibodyAntibody/
T3 Det antibodyAntibody/
ThyroxineT4 Sheep antibodyAntibodyCLIA
T4 Det antibodyAntibodyCLIA
Anti-Thyroid PeroxidaseAnti-TPO humanized antibodyAntibodyR&D 
COVID-19COVID-19 coated antibody 1Mouse monoclonal antibodyFIA
COVID-19 coated antibody 2Murine monoclonalFIA
COVID-19 coated antibody 3Rabbit monoclonal antibodyFIA
Influenza AFlu A Cap antibodyAntibodyFIA
Flu A Det AntibodyAntibodyFIA
Influenza BFlu B Cap antibodyAntibodyFIA
Flu B Det AntibodyAntibodyFIA
Helicobacter PyloriHP Cap antibodyAntibodyFIA
HP Det antibodyAntibodyFIA
Candida AlbicansCandida albicans antibodyAntibodyChromatography or ELISA, self-pairing
Chlamydia TrachomatisChlamydia trachomatis 02 antibodyAntibodyAntibody pairing
Dengue Virus Non-Structural Protein 1NS1 Cap antibody 03Antibody/
Plasmodium vivax lactate dehydrogenasePvLDH Cap antibodyAntibodyR&D 
PvLDH Det antibodyAntibodyR&D 
Amyloid-β 42/40AβN antibody 01AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
AβN antibody 02AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
AβN antibody 03AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
Aβ40 antibody 01AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
Aβ42 antibody 01AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
Aβ42 antibody 02AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
Tau Tau  antibody 01AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
Tau  antibody 02AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
Tau  antibody 03AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
Tau  antibody 04AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
Tau  antibody 05AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
pTau 217 antibody(1C3)AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
pTau 231 antibody(1Y1)AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
Glial Fibrillary Acidic ProteinGFAP antibody 02AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
GFAP antibody 06AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
GFAP antibody 13AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
GFAP antibody 15AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
GFAP antibody 18AntibodyCLIA, FIA,ELISA
Ubiquitin carboxyl terminal hydrolase L1UCHL1 Cap antibody 01Antibody/
UCHL1 Det antibody 01Antibody
UCHL1 antibody 03Antibody
UCHL1 antibody 04Antibody
UCHL1 antibody 06Antibody
UCHL1 antibody 07Antibody
UCHL1 antibody 08Antibody
UCHL1 antibody 09Antibody
UCHL1 antibody 10Antibody
UCHL1 antibody 11Antibody
UCHL1 antibody 12Antibody
UCHL1 antibody 13Antibody
Interleukin-1β IL-1β antibody 01AntibodyCLIA, FIA
IL-1β antibody 02AntibodyCLIA, FIA
Interleukin-10IL-10 rabbit mAb 1AntibodyAntibody pairing
IL-10 rabbit mAb 2AntibodyAntibody pairing
IL-10 antibody 3AntibodyAntibody pairing
Interleukin-2IL-2 rabbit mAb 1AntibodyAntibody pairing
IL-2 rabbit mAb 2AntibodyAntibody pairing
Glycated Hemoglobin A1cHbA1c Cap antibodyMouse monoclonal antibodyFIA
HbA1c Det antibodyMouse monoclonal antibodyFIA
HbA1c antibodyMouse monoclonal antibodyLTIA
25-hydroxy vitamin D25-OHVD Sheep antibodySheep polyclonalCLIA, FIA
25-OHVD Det antibodyAntibody/
β2 microglobulin β2-MG polyclonal antibodyAntibodyCLIA, FIA
Immunoglobulin MIgM mAbAntibodyBiochemical reagents