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CEO and founder 

    Dr. Jianping Zhou

Dr. Zhou once served as the director of the laboratory department of the people’s liberation army no.1 hospital of Guangzhou Military Region, and an associate professor of the academy of military medical sciences. Now, he serves as the director of The Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (CSBMB) and the editor of Labeled Immunoassays and Clinical Medicine.

Dr. Zhou has been working the R&D projects for a long time. He has led a number of national and military projects, including 11th five-year scientific and research projects of army, the creation and manufacture of national new drug (1 project), major military research projects on special needs drugs, development of IVD technology products for 863 major projects and major military research projects on special needs drugs(project 709).


General Manager

Dr. Xiuli Xu

Dr. Xu graduated from NanKai University medical school, majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, PHD degree. During the doctoral study, Dr. Xu engaged in the research and development of detection kits related to diabetes. Dr. Xu is good at the IVD quality system management, proficient in IVD reagent immune turbidity, enzymes, nanoparticle and immunochromatography. Dr. Xu has led more than 20 research and development projects, with 3 applied invention patents and 50 IVD detection kits completed.


Head of R&D Department

     Dr. Yujun Zhou

Dr. Zhou graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University, majoring in pesticide science, PHD degree. During the doctoral study, Dr. Zhou focused on the preparation and detection of monoamino acid mutant specific antibody. Good at IVD research and development of detection kits, proficient in gene clone, purification of protein expression and antibody development. Dr. Zhou has led 20 projects of IVD research and development detection kits, with 1 applied invention patent.


Head of Market Department

Dr. Wang Zhang

Dr. Zhang graduated from Peking University medical school, majoring in immunology, PHD degree. During the doctoral study, Dr. Zhang engaged in biological effects of small molecular peptides on immune system development. Good at the academic and products promotion of IVD detection kits. Dr. Zhang has led nearly 50 times of academic publicity and products introduction at different levels for provinces, cities and third party clinical organization.


Head of Product & Quality Department

Master's Mingyue Wu

M.S. Wu graduated from Tianjin University of Science& Technology, majoring in Fermentation engineering, Master’s Degree. During the period of graduate school, M.S. Wu engaged in the construction and application of yeast strain for fast cold resistant bread. M.S. Wu has been working in the invention and production of IVD reagents for a long time, and be skilled in environment operation and monitoring, IVD reagents registration and quality system management.

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