Vancomycin Determination Kit

Product Name: Vancomycin Determination Kit (Fluorescence Immunoassay

Abbreviation: VM



For the quantitative determination of Vancomycin in human serum, plasma or whole blood. They are for professional use only.

Vancomycin is an effective drug for the treatment of multi-drug resistant gram-positive cocci. It is a tricyclic glycopeptide antibiotic. It mainly plays a role by destroying the synthesis of bacterial cell wall peptidoglycan, and has a strong antibacterial activity against major pathogenic bacteria such as MRSA and enterococcus. However, vancomycin has a small therapeutic index (the effective concentration is close to the toxic concentration) and a large number of adverse reactions, mainly including renal damage and ototoxicity. Therefore, drug concentration monitoring is very important.



Add the sample to the strip, The Vm in the specimen binds to an antibody coated with a fluorescent particle coated on the glass fiber to form a fluorescent particle-antibody-antigen complex. The immune complex is chromatographed along the nitrocellulose membrane to the detection zone (T), which binds to the pre-coated Vm antigen and its fluorescence intensity is inversely proportional to the Vm content of the sample. The anti-IgY fluorescent antibody particles are chromatographed to the control zone (C) and bound to the pre-coated IgY.



The strip is stable for 18months (while sealed in an aluminum foil pouch) if stored at 2 ° C - 30 ° C, the fluorescent antibody in a tube is stable for 18months if stored at 2 ° C - 8 ° C, and the dissociation liquid in a tube is stable for 18months if stored at 2 ° C - 30 ° C. After the strip is opened, the test should be performed in 1 hour.

The date of manufacture is detailed in the label.



25 pieces/box




Consisting of a cartridge and a strip, the test

strip comprises a sample pad, a glass fiber

(Coated with fluorescent particles-Vm antibody

conjugate, fluorescent particle-IgY antibody

conjugate), nitrocellulose membrane (detection

zone coated with Vm antigen, control zone

coated with IgY), absorbent paper, PVC board.


Have Calibration curve information of this batch reagents.


Main component is phosphate buffered saline (PBS) with 200ul/tube. 2 tubes for 1 test.


The target value range:

2 Levels: 10±2)μg/mL



To describe basic information, usage methods and precautions


Applicable POCT Analyzer

D-10, D-20, KHF01